SLEEPWALKER – Some voices calling at night.

This work “Sleepwalker”, is a book about dreams. I name it “sleepwalker” because the major dreams are hidden in his head. It present a surreal atmosphere and feeling by stacked paper with color images, thinking words and the carving technology. As for the figure and the carving technology. As for the figure floating on the ground, leaving everything more unreal, quiet and cryptic.

When viewers see this work, they can imagine in their own way to speculate about this work’s content and purpose, as if into a dream-like feeling of purity, darkness, and indistinctness. The whole work is very simple, there is no trivial text or information. The main protagonist of this work is in the head ” Brain book”, inside it is all the dreams I ever had before, recording by pictures and sketches. If you want to get know about me, figure out my thoughts, and my dreams, then you should just go directly to the “brain book”.

It’s not like the normal book, you don’t have to flip one page by another, just pull out the handle beneath Sleepwalker, and all pages will have their own open automatically until the “Brain book” exposed. I have the idea to do this work is based on the dreams I had during my sleeping at night. Dreams gave me a lot of ideas and concepts for designing, many concepts didn’t occur in the day, that is, without these dreams, I can’t come up with so many impractical ideas. Another motivation is from a poster I did before, the content is saying that everyone is like a book, because everyone has their own stories and experience, so making friends with others just like reading different books, we learning knowledge from them, absorbing experience from them, just as reading great autobiographies. Besides, all the things we thought is express by the mouth. However, dreams are the same, too. They was brought from the brain and said from the mouth.